Why Minimum Wage Employees Must Explore Internet Marketing?

The population survey Estimates were paid at hourly prices. This represents over 60 percent of all salary and wage employees. One of those 300,000 earned the prevailing minimum wage. Approximately 2 Million had wages below the minimum. These employees with salaries at or below the minimum constitute 3% of hourly paid workers. Below is a list of a variety of features for paid employees earning at or below minimum wages.Minimum Wage workers tend to be young. Workers under the age of 25, represent 20 percent of hourly workers. These employees constitute half of those paid minimum wage or less. Of all teens paid by the hour, about 10% make the minimum or less, compared to about 2% of employees over age 25. One of hourly workers age 16 and over, about 5 percent have less than a high school education and earning minimum wage or less in comparison to at least 3 percent of people who have a high school degree.

Minimum Wage

The vast majority did not change much across ethnic and race groups. Employees and Approximately 3 percent White, Black earned Salário Mínimo or less. Among employees, the minimum was earned by about 2%. About 4% of 2% of men and girls, had salaries at or below. Employees were more likely than workers to earn the minimum wage or less.The Proportion of employees who earned the present or minimum wage is in service jobs. Approximately 7 out of 10 employees earning the minimum wage or below, were in service related occupations and food preparation. About 60 percent of all workers paid at or below the minimum were employed in the leisure and hospitality in drinking establishments and food service. For a number of these workers, commission and tips supplement the wage they received.

The States with the maximum percentage of employees are South Carolina, Oklahoma, Tennessee and Mississippi. The states with the amount of employees at or below the minimum, was AlaskaOregon and California.As shown in of the information these employees would benefit by Joining Wealthy Affiliate University and going into the Wealthy Affiliate Marketing world. Here you are taught aspects of online marketing and getting yourself educated in becoming a success. This is a community of entrepreneurs that will aid you. With Rich Affiliate, you have your own piece of the World Wide Web and are able to develop, customize and publish blog or your site. All Wealthy Affiliate’s members can help you.We have seen our business skyrocket since we joined Wealthy Affiliate a month or two ago.